Se habla español.  We of course also speak English.  The founder of the Mundial Consulting Network was enamored with verbal translation from the first moment he was introduced to the foreign language of Spanish.  He grew up around missionaries who would give their lives to travel abroad to learn other languages for the sake of preaching the good news about Jesus Christ.  A passion stirred from a young age and he eventually became the official interpreter of Little League Baseball in Williamsport, PA and later would serve in his own way by taking chapel services into the club house of the Baltimore Orioles with a ministry called Baseball Chapel.

The concept of Mundial Consulting started due to the gap in language and cultural understanding between lending and real estate professionals in Maryland and surrounding states, and the Latino communities within them.  We not only have a passion for people to understand the comings and goings of their finances for all the right reasons, but also to be able to serve multiple cultures and professionals at the same time using the same concepts.  Now, we spend parts of our business days helping people communicate to attain the goal we’re all after, which is win-win-win negotiation within the world of real estate as it pertains to home ownership within the scope of a financial plan. That then achieves financial fitness, which leads to financial health and from financial health to financial freedom!