We love our clients, and they love us.  Let them tell you about how we helped change their financial futures!

We are so grateful for Micah and his team at the Mundial Consulting Network.  My husband and I started to think about retirement and financial security, but we had no idea where to begin. Then we met with Micah. After a quick analysis of where we were financially and where we want to be in the future, he was able to get us on our way to having our finances straightened out. By our second meeting, Micah helped save us $4000. He set us up on a budget and helped us to get much needed life insurance.  Micah is very professional and knowledgeable, but at the same time, he is friendly and down-to- earth. Airing your financial situation can be a very humbling experience, but we never felt judged. We dread talking about finances, but Micah actually gets excited about this stuff!  Clearly, Micah and the others at Mundial truly care about the people they work with. They are passionate about helping clients become financially successful now and in the future!  Thank you Micah!

Matt & Ashley Shultz
Philadelphia, PA

Micah Hughes and his staff at Mundial Consulting Network are second to none.  The professionalism and integrity they bring to the table really helps my company’s reputation, as they are often the the last face our customer sees.  I would recommend them to anyone who would benefit from a smooth real estate transaction.

Chad Tracey
President, Serenity First Financial

I have worked with Micah Hughes and his staff at Mundial Consulting for many years now.   Their staff has phenomenal customer service not only to us, but to our mutual clients.   They practically bend over backwards to ensure their clients and our mutual clients are satisfied and it works.   I would recommend this company to anyone in financial field, and feel great about doing so!

Brian Oates
Vice President, Serenity First Financial

Micah was referred to me by one of my clients. By far the best referall ever. Micah has been extremely patient with me , guiding me step by step thru my journey in financial freedom. He is full of knowledge and always has an answer to my questions.  If he doesn’t know the answer he will find it! Using the tools that Micah has given me I have been able to pay off about 3,000$ in debt, I’ve been able to secure a life insurance policy to help guide in my retirement, and with his help I have been able to purchase my first home. I will continue to refer him to everyone I know!!

Heather Comer

I have known Micah on both a personal and professional level for a number of years and can confidently recommend him and his staff at Mundial to handle your real estate transactions. He is committed to making sure  the client is made to feel comfortable and encourages all parties to  communicate ensuring all needs are meet. During the many years of working with Micah he has repeatedly exceeded my expectations and look forward to his involvement in the future.

Mark Dalton
Sales Manager, Serenity First Financial

The financial world is a jungle, but my husband and I are very blessed to have an experienced, well-trained guide in Mundial Consulting. Their team has made themselves available to us for questions and honest discussion before every road we took on our path to financial freedom. When the unexpected happened, as it always does, they were there to support us through it all. With fondness I recall my first closing. The seller threw a few curve balls my way, but Mundial stayed by my side (for over four hours!) and talked me through each moment until we finally reached settlement. Thanks to Mundial Consulting, my husband and I have already taken the necessary steps to prepare for children and retirement. We feel like we are ahead of the game because we make all of our financial decisions with confidence. We would strongly recommend that anyone who values their financial future call Mundial Consulting today.

Jason & Jeanie Starr