Micah Hughes

Micah Hughes

Micah Hughes resides in the greater Baltimore area and has two precious sons. He is a resident of Maryland and works throughout the areas of Maryland, Pennsylvania, DC, Northern Virginia, and New Jersey.

At a young age Micah Hughes understood the value of saving money and the Spanish language.  At the age of five he had saved $11.00 in his piggy bank, which sparked a sense of excitement. At the age of 14 he aspired to one day be an interpreter and by the age of 16 he was fluent in Spanish. As a sophomore in college he became the official interpreter, of the baseball team representing the Latin American region, at the Little League World Series. Micah later served the Latino players of the Baltimore Orioles as their chaplain on Sunday mornings.

In 2002 Micah followed his instincts and went into the financial world by working in the lending industry. In 2007 he founded Mundial Consulting, Inc., to serve as an interpreter for English speaking loan officers and the Hispanic communities in Maryland, DC, and northern Virginia. In 2013 Micah felt a strong urge to add relational business practices to his transactional business, by adding insurance and investment licenses to his translation and settlement practice. This authorized him to advise, not only, on real estate matters but on comprehensive financial planning matters as well.

Now, in 2015, Micah Hughes is happy that the Mundial Consulting Network concept is here, with a one-stop shopping approach. Through combining his love of financial education and language, he is living out his dream and trying to earn the right to be heard with a holistic message of financial fitness.

The Bible says “To whom much is given much is required”. Micah and Christine take the call on their lives very seriously.

Micah is excited to surround himself with a team of passionate real estate and financial specialists who are in the business of adding value to the lives of their mutual clients. Theirs is a network of high octane professionals, who not only sell or implement financial products and strategies but also educate along the way.

The Mundial Consulting Network serves people of various communities, churches, and businesses. They educate, individuals and groups, and aim to empower them through knowledge. Their mission is to see people attain financial freedom by understanding the movements of money, and ultimately leading them to make wise financial decisions.