Add “without a pay check” to the end of any question when it comes to your financial plan and it will almost always leave you guessing. Example: How can I have a spending plan “without a pay check?” How will I pay back my student loans or my credit card debt “without a pay check?”

In the same way, we have to ask ourselves how we would manage our lives if our paycheck was taken from us unexpectedly due to a disability. We need to be prepared for an event that didn’t allow us to work or, even worse, death; even though we know that will never happen to us. Right? Of course we all hope for the best and the odds are we’ll be just fine, but we have to make sure that a part of our spending plan deals with risk management. We should consider life, disability income and, in some cases, long term care insurance.

Okay, so who wants to think about this stuff? No one does, unless they’re selling it or, unless they have lived through the tragedy of seeing someone leave us prematurely or lose their ability to earn a pay check. Now, back to that. So, how does it work? There are a lot of complex, confusing, products on the market. It’s our mission to see what your own personal situation is, and then educate you on your options. Once you understand why you may need it and how much you may need, you’ll either want to own some or, if not, you’ll know ‘when’ to look toward adding it to your financial plan.

Different people have different lifestyles, different liabilities, and different goals. Each situation must be discussed and thought out. Our goal is to help you understand how it works, why you would own it, how much you should own, and for what reasons. Once you are comfortable, we can also help you implement it into your life. We love what we do and we are confident that you’ll be comfortable once this part of the financial plan has been figured out. So let’s set up some time to chat and get this part of your plan figured out, together.