Mundial Consulting was founded in January 2007 because the founder noticed a niche in the market between the English speaking lender and the Spanish speaking community.  It soon became a business that also tied in title services, because the lender worked closely with such companies.  Mundial Consulting then found itself operating more as a bilingual signing and networking company.

In 2013, it became apparent that there was a void between the way business was operating and the intention for which it was created. Mundial no longer wanted to be only a transactional business, but also one including relational business.

The president/founder felt his business needed to pursue personal relationships, not just business relationships. There was an obvious draw to actually consulting and teaching, not just transacting. He took time away from Mundial to pursue knowledge and wisdom in the field of holistic financial planning. Toward the end of 2014 he returned to share what he had learned with the world around him.

The company was renamed Mundial Consulting Network because the founder realized there was a need to work cooperatively with a variety of seasoned professionals. This was necessary to be able to serve each and every client with top-notch service through caring not only about the end result, but also the individual relationship it had with each of its clients.

Our Vision

Our desire is to educate individuals, and businesses, regarding their financial situations. This will serve to add value to our clients through education and implementation of financial strategies. We will help them to understand why the decisions made today will affect tomorrow.

Our Mission

Mundial Consulting Network connects our world with sound financial education and information. We assist our clients starting with budget and debt management, through home buying, to retirement and creating a financial legacy.

Our Values

  • Wisdom

    Our team strives to impart wisdom to our clients through helping them understand the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ of the strategies we recommend and in what way they can affect their own financial position.

  • Knowledge

    Through our network of relationships, with a variety of knowledgeable professionals, we work together to provide to our clients the best financial services and products.

  • Authenticity

    We blend financial strategies with real world experience.

  • Integrity

    We always hold true to our client’s goals and objectives.

Meet Our Team

Micah Hughes

Micah Hughes

Micah Hughes resides in the greater Baltimore area and has two precious sons. He is a resident of Maryland and works throughout the areas of Maryland, Pennsylvania, DC, Northern Virginia, and New Jersey. At a young age Micah Hughes understood the value of saving money and the Spanish language. At the age of five he had saved $11 in his piggy bank, which sparked a sense of excitement. At the age of 14 he aspired to one day be an interpreter and by the age of 16 he was fluent in Spanish.
Paul Perry

Paul Perry

Paul Perry is an American citizen, born in Cuba, and a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute. He is married with two daughters and four grandchildren, and he is currently a resident of Harford County in Maryland. Paul spent much of his career in the corporate world as a business to business consultant, in the areas of logistics and business development.